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Silver brooch Bow tie four-colored amber

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The brooch is the most feminine jewel, this elegant four-colored butterfly will cheer you up at any time of the year. Experiment and enjoy your smiling reflection in the mirror. The brooch has the most reliable and comfortable clasp lock, the so-called closed lock: it closes the sharp end of the needle. Below, in the product parameters, you can easily find a detailed description of the jewelry. You can also filter our jewelry by detailed filters.

Product parameters

  • weight approx .: 5.5 gr.
  • brooch size: 34x28mm
  • material: silver Ag 925/1000
  • Finish: classic
  • stone type: Baltic amber
    Baltic amber is nothing more than the fossil resin of ancient conifers. This rare and valuable raw material is a particularly impressive decoration of silver and gold jewelry. However, amber jewelry loses its luster over time.

  • How do I clean amber?

  • How to clean amber jewelry?

    Decorations containing this raw material require gentle treatment. This means using a soft, damp cloth or a soft brush and mild soap to clean earrings, brooches, bracelets or amber necklaces. Weaker alcohol is a good way to remove deeper dirt. Amber will shine again if you polish it with olive oil after the spirits treatment. So that the amber does not go away quickly, it is worth cleaning the ornaments after each use. Do not allow amber jewelry to come in contact with chlorinated water or other aggressive chemicals for extended periods of time. Beware of silver polishing chemicals often damage amber! Please rely on our recommendations.

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