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Bedding Colorful flowers

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We present you exclusive linen bedding (100% linen) with a very long life, high strength and durability. It has good thermoregulatory properties, thanks to which you can use linen bedding all year round. Perfectly absorbs human sweat and wicks away moisture, so you will always sleep in dry sheets.
The laundry used in the product is wet softened, it does not clot after washing.
Each product is available in 2 variants: as a single bed and a double bed. Most single bed linen is available in the warehouse and double bed linen is made to order. Delivery time is approximately two weeks. The product comes from Lithuania. You can buy an extra pillow or a small pillow to the set.


Washing instructions:

  1. Before cleaning, check the care symbols on the textile label inside the product to determine the maintenance method. Strictly follow the treatment procedure on the label.
  2. Wash light and color shades separately. When washing, combine only fabrics of similar shades.
  3. For colored products, use detergents designed for these fabrics. Use chlorine-free detergents and optical brighteners marked COLOR. We recommend liquid products, when using the powder make sure that all lumps are comminuted.
  4. Printed products, we recommend washing face down.
  5. To maintain the color saturation of the fabric, never dry in direct sunlight.
  6. Perform clothing maintenance regularly

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